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Typically there are three main types of boiler: Combi, Heat only, and System. Combi boilers produce instant hot water, heat only in the regular boilers, whereas system boilers are installed in modern homes with an unvented hot water cylinder. However, they can work with the vented cylinder as well.

Here are some fun facts you should know about system boilers.

Beginners’ Guide for System Boilers


How does a system boiler work?

System boilers aren’t open-vented, unlike regular boilers. It means there are no tanks in the loft, and
some of the components, like pumps, and valves that generally be outside a regular boiler, are incorporated into the boiler. We can call it an upgraded version of the regular boilers.

What are the advantages of a system boiler?

Some of the key benefits of installing a system boiler in your home are:

  •  Ideal for properties with a high demand for hot water, like lots of bathing, as the unvented tank
    has the capacity to supply good hot water flow rates to several outlets at the same time.
  • Decent cover from manufacturer guarantee or warranty because more system components are
    integral to the boiler.

Choosing the Correct Size of the System Boiler

Many people often choose the incorrect size of the system boiler. You must evaluate your water usage to buy the ideal size. Typically, you must buy twice the capacity of your requirements. You can also ask professional experts to guide you with the system boiler size.

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