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Gas leaks from boilers are dangerous, and you must never avoid them. Accidents have been caused by violent fires generated by gas leaks from the boiler. If you encounter a gas smell from the boiler, approach the professionals for boiler servicing immediately rather than ignoring the same. Not only fire breakouts but constant gas leakage can also have extreme implications on the health of the inhabitants of the house. However, many people are unaware of the signs of a gas leak. 

Read on and make sure you stay alert all the time if you have a boiler in your home. 

What are the signs of a gas leak in a boiler?

The smell of rotten egg 

Natural gas is odourless. Hence it is impossible to understand and determine a gas leak. To prevent accidents, the companies generally add sulphur to the gases. The smell of sulphur is similar to that of rotten eggs. So if you encounter any such smell in your house or near and around the boiler, then surely some leakage is taking place. Call the professionals immediately. 

Sickness and fatigue 

If the gas leaks from the boiler for a consistent time, it will cause sickness and fatigue in the long run. You might also experience nausea and a sudden drop in oxygen levels, causing breathing problems. 

Hissing gas leak sounds

Sometimes a hissing gas leak sounds will come out of the boiler, indicating some problem in the boiler pipes. This sound is generated when the pressurised gas is released from the leaks.  

Plants death 

Another major indicator of gas leaks is the death of living organisms like plants and insects in and around the house. When mixed in the air, the natural gas reduces the volume of oxygen content. Hence, plants and insects in the house cannot survive with such low oxygen levels. 

Skin problems 

When the gas leak continues for a long time without any intervention to prevent the same, you will start experiencing different skin problems. For instance, you can experience numbness, blisters or even discolouration and pigmentation in the skin. If you find these signs, there’s surely a gas leak in the house. 

Natural gas condensation 

When gas leaks from the boiler, carbon monoxide comes out, this is a poisonous gas, and you’ll notice condensation forming on the window seals due to the effect of this poisonous gas. Hence this gas leak is dangerous for the inhabitants living in the house. 

What to do if there’s a gas leak from the boiler?


If you suspect a gas leak or encounter any earlier signs, open the windows and doors and let the gas out of the house. Also, pay attention not to switch on the electricity. Ensure you don’t strike matches or switch on the gas cylinders if there is a gas leakage in the house, as this will aggravate the fire spread. 

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