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Annual boiler servicing is something which should always be noticed. It is always better to call the mechanic before the due date. When the boiler is due for its service, make sure that you call the gas-safe engineer so that they check out the problems and fix them before you start using the boiler safely. Apart from ensuring safety, servicing also makes sure that your boiler is in working condition and will not break down in the middle of the winter season. Hence boiler servicing is essential and unavoidable.


Here are a few facts that you need to know about boiler servicing. Read on and ensure you take advantage of your annual boiler servicing date.

Essential points about boiler servicing


It helps to find hidden faults

Apart from regular maintenance, annual servicing is important as it ensures the safety of your boiler. A boiler has many parts and components, each having a specific function of its own. During the servicing, the mechanic or engineer will check every part separately to ensure no fault. When the boiler works, carbon monoxide gas is produced from burning the fuel. During the servicing, the engineer checks the presence of corrosion in the pipes, levels of gas and leakage in the boiler to ensure that the harmful gas doesn’t mix with the environment. Too much carbon monoxide emission can cause dangerous levels of poisoning in the air. With the help of servicing, you can ensure your boiler is not malfunctioning.

It makes the boiler energy efficient

If a boiler consumes too much energy, you will be burdened with high electricity bills. With the help of annual servicing, you can ensure that your boiler uses energy effectively and incur less electricity bills. The engineer will try to find the faults in the boiler and help you save money in the long run.

It extends the lifespan of the boiler

The motto behind annual servicing is to check every part of the boiler and ensure it works fine. This helps to increase the boiler’s lifespan to a few more years. If the mechanic finds any small issues which will impact the boiler’s functionality in the future, they will replace the parts and increase the value of your boiler instantly.

It helps to maintain the warranty limit

The best part about boiler servicing is that you can increase the warranty limit of your boiler. Suppose you carry out the boiler servicing on a regular basis every year. In that case, your warranty limit can be extended, and you will get a full warranty if the boiler is damaged and you need any repair expenses.

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