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When you want uninterrupted heat regulation on your property, boiler servicing is one of the crucial tasks. This may be a low-priority task for some, but one should attempt to service the boiler at least annually. Along with keeping the boiler running smoothly, proper servicing fulfils other vital requirements as well.


Get Your Boiler Serviced by an Expert


When planning for boiler servicing, you should always communicate with a professional. They possess the necessary experience in maintaining the boiler’s original condition. Their work can improve the overall service and keep it running for a long period.


Why is it Crucial to Get Your Boiler Serviced Annually?



In the following section, we explain why you should go for annual servicing of your boiler.


  • Spot Potential Problems: If the period between two servicing sessions is long, there is a chance you may ignore some potential problems. This will likely cause a breakdown, which may affect the temperature regulation of your room. You may not be able to operate the boiler until an engineer comes to repair it. Therefore, it is important that you go for yearly servicing.


  • Ensure Safety: Annual boiler servicing gives the homeowner peace of mind about the boiler’s operation. They can remain assured that the boiler is operating efficiently, ensuring the safety of their family members. Not servicing the boiler regularly can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. It may cause respiratory problems and other dangers to the residents of a property.


  • Legal Obligation: In the UK, property owners need to have a valid gas safety certificate. This applies to the landlords of rental properties as well. It is concise proof that the boiler has been serviced and is safe for use. Not following an annual servicing routine means flouting the norms, and the homeowner may be prosecuted in case of damage.


  • Keeping a Valid Warranty: No matter which kind of boiler you buy, it always comes with a warranty. Some warranties last for nearly a decade. It gives the user virtual protection in case something goes wrong. They need not pay a high amount for repairs in repairing the boiler. However, to keep the warranty valid, the boiler should be serviced annually by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.


These are some reasons to service your boiler annually. To get it done by the experts, call Organic Heating. We are a leading home heating solutions based in Watford. Our team consists of experienced engineers who have wide experience in boiler servicing. For more information, you can visit our website today.