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From new installations to maintenance and repairs, Organic Heating Ltd offers a comprehensive service to homeowners and landlords in the Watford area.


Enjoy a warm home throughout the year

When it comes to heating your home, you'll want a system that is efficient, affordable to fund, and effectively heats your home throughout the year. Organic Heating is one of Watford's leading specialists in heating systems, and is committed to supporting homeowners and landlords throughout the area. We can be counted on for new installations, repairs, servicing, and upgrades with our Gas Safe registered engineers. Worried about the cost? There's no need, thanks to our flexible finance options.

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We can install, service and maintain:

Combination boiler heating systems

Known as a combination boiler, this type of boiler heats up water for both your central heating system, and the hot water that comes out of your taps and shower.

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System boiler heating systems

System boiler heating systems are a type of boiler that provides a constant supply of hot water throughout your home. There are two different types of systems: a vented low pressure, and an un-vented high-pressure system. If you're looking for a more economic system with a faster response, this may be an ideal option for you.

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Conventional heating systems

An HVAC system is known as a conventional air conditioner. The purpose of this system is to simply move heat from the inside of your home during the Summer to the outside, allowing your home to be cool and bearable. 

Our team can ensure your system is operating at peak efficiency, and will come out to your property if you ever need any repairs or general maintenance.

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Electric heating systems

Electric heating systems are always safe, and also use energy in a highly efficient way. They are the perfect heating source to heat your home efficiently.

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