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Did you know air source heat pumps in the UK are a smart way to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and aid in decarbonisation efforts?

Here’s why:

1. They extract heat from the air, even in chilly weather.

Which means even if it’s freezing outside, it can still be nice and cosy in your home.

2. By using renewable energy, they cut heating bills.

Not only do they cut your heating bills but you become part of a much bigger, more important movement, which is protecting the environment!

3. Government incentives make them even more cost-effective.

The UK government’s boiler upgrade scheme (BUS) for air source heat pumps aims to incentivise homeowners to switch from traditional gas to more efficient and environmentally friendly heating systems.

All homeowners are entitled except new build homes.

You could be entitled to £7500 grant
Contact us today to check your eligibility for grant and how to upgrade your heating system.

4. Low maintenance and long lifespan ensure lasting comfort.

Organic Heating have partnered with Daikin who are industry leaders in air source heat pumps, their technology along with our service packages will allow you to rest easy knowing you will always have the best solution for your home.

Make the switch today! #SaveMoney #GreenEnergy #Decarbonisation